October 8, 2021

The Importance Of Proper Equipment Setup

Today’s businesses are using videography as an important tool in their marketing strategies, branding, new product releases, and much more. This is for good reason as more and more consumers are showing a tendency to skip right over written content and seek out a video version instead. Regardless of the type of video you are creating, without the right vision and proper equipment setup, you might not get your message across to the viewer.

With that in mind, we are going to take a look at the importance of proper equipment setup throughout your video creation process:

Lighting- when it comes to lighting, 3-point lighting is pretty standard. This means having more than one light source and placing them strategically to ensure that there aren’t any shadows and the light isn’t too harsh.

Camera And Lens Choices- there are a wide range of camera and lens choices that experienced videographers will use. Traditionally, an A-camera and a B-camera will be used with a close up lens on the A cam, and a wide lens on the B cam. While not the general rule, this can be changed based on the project needs.

Audio- a video is only as good as it’s sound and that is why a professional videographer will have at least two sources for audio recording as a backup. If your go-to source fails, at least you will know that the day won’t be a total wash and you can keep shooting.

Composition- one of the most important factors in any video production process is composition. When shooting a video, whether it is a product explanation, interview, or speech, you want to leave as little head room as possible and film with the subject of the video just to the right of the main camera.

   While all of this might seem complicated and very technical, a professional videography service can assist you with your next video project and make sure that your message is heard loud and clear by your audience.

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