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MUON Video is joining the local Chamber of Commerce, as one of Miami’s newest members. This partnership gives us the opportunity to make connections and be a part of something bigger. We are proud to be a part of this organization, especially because it plays on our strengths so well.

We’re based in New York City where we’ve worked with some high-profile companies for both corporate videography purposes and branded content creation (think what Apple does with its iconic iPad commercial). Miami is a city that is constantly shaping the future of our country and it’s an exciting time to be here. We’re really looking forward to becoming better connected within the community and seeing what doors are opened.

MUON Video specializes in corporate video production (chamber events, interviews, trade shows), recording live events such as concerts, festivals and conferences.

MUON Video has worked with companies in the city of New York to create videos that highlight their company, and what they stand for. We’ve partnered with some of the biggest brands in our industry, including Verizon Wireless, Macy’s, Fox News, and more.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with the City of Miami for years creating videos that highlight different events. We’ve filmed at the Iowa State Fair, the New York Stock Exchange, and The 92nd Street Y among other NYC venues.

These relationships will allow us to continue shooting national and international companies that have yet to see Miami as a location for their next corporate event or new product launch.

MUON Video has been in Miami for the past couple of years and is a leading company for corporate video production. We have worked with brands around the world, helping them tell their story through video. The world of corporate video has changed drastically, as video production has evolved into a more sophisticated tool for marketing and branding. Nowadays, people don’t just consume enough, they really want to know about the individual or company behind the product or service. We help companies tell that story in a way that is visually appealing and easy to understand.

MUON Video is a leading company for corporate video production in Miami and New York City. We are a creative agency that specializes in quality, innovative videography and creative direction. Our award-winning team knows how to bring life to your story. So, if you are interested in a video production that captures the essence of your brand, contact us and we will work with you to develop the perfect film.

We help companies tell their story through video, whether it is in-house or at a trade show. We provide production solutions for local, national and international clients. Whether you are looking to create a new promotional film or need an educational video for your employees, we are here to help. For more information, visit the website.

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