About Us


About Us

Muon Video is an independently owned and operated, award-winning, story-driven, Miami video production company. Using the latest, state of the art video production equipment and a team of talented video production experts, we are able to create results getting, client driven video content designed to meet and exceed the needs of today’s small to medium and enterprise level businesses and organizations.


Tell Your Unique Story

With headquarters in New York and Miami, Muon Video serves our clients around the world and can provide in-studio, or on-location video production services which can help you grow your brand and tell your unique story.


Professional Video Production Services

Muon Video offers a range of professional video production services which include live event coverage corporate storytelling and more. Whatever your video production needs, you can count on the experts at Muon Video.

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To learn more about Muon Video, or to speak to an experienced video production specialist who can help you create a video marketing strategy for your brand, call: 646-586-2552 or book a consultation now at: projects@muonvideo.com.