About Us


About Us

As an independent, award-winning Miami video company guided by compelling narratives, Muon Video leverages state-of-the-art equipment and talented production specialists to create client-centered video content that meets and exceeds needs of today’s SMBs and enterprises. Whether startups seeking foundational brand films or established players ready for high-impact campaigns, our story-driven approach spotlights visions through visuals fine-tuned for exceeding business goals across metrics.


Tell Your Unique Story

With headquarters in New York and Miami, Muon Video provides in-studio and on-location video production services enabling clients worldwide to expand their brand and communicate unique stories. Our expansive capabilities facilitate full campaign execution from concept to distribution – be it an animated social media series filmed locally for an LA startup or a documentary-style corporate project on location in London suited for internal training. Let us tailor video solutions advancing your specific growth.


Professional Video Production Services

Muon Video delivers professional video production spanning live events, corporate storytelling and beyond to fuel branding for modern businesses through visual narratives. With mastery of creative tools plus distribution strategy, you can count on our expert teams to advance goals through motion pictures.

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To learn more about Muon Video, or to speak to an experienced video production specialist who can help you create a video marketing strategy for your brand, call: 646-586-2552 or book a consultation now at: projects@muonvideo.com.