Optimize Your Marketing Through Social Media

Optimize Your Marketing Through Social Media


Millennial Marketing & Beyond

Video is the technology of the 21st Century.Don’t take our word for it. Multiple high-level corporate execs at FaceBook and Instagram have forecasted their digital platforms will likely be 100% video within the next 5 years.

Social media not only paves way for a wider audience reach than traditional marketing channels, but also gives you numerous opportunities to present your products, or services in a visual and persuasive context.

Which Social Media App is Best?

Instagram is bigger than any other social media site today. In fact, many potential customers won’t even consider your using business if you don’t have an Instagram page to flaunt your brand’s products.

Instagram is trendy for millennials, and older folks alike. You can put up photos, write captions, and share videos, thereby giving your potential customers an interactive and visual presence on your product or service.

Ready to tell your story?

MUON VIDEO has offered its video storytelling expertise to clients from as far as Tokyo (Deloitte Japan), and Gdynia, Poland (Archaeological Paths) and as close as HQ in Manhattan (Express Trade Capital.) Are you ready to get started on your video project?

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How Can Muon Video Help

Muon Video is one of the most promising video production firms that is involved in the creation of videos for social media sites. Our team not only excels in relevant skills and current trends, but we are detail-oriented.In addition to the above advantages, Muon offers exciting deals on customized needs for clients. We are highly professional and identify our customers’ needs down to a tee.

The Art of Visual Storytelling

Do you like stories? The answer to that question is probably yes. Because as humans, we are all hard-wired to enjoy stories. For millennia, stories have been used to teach important lessons, both moral and practical. These have become a vital part of human society. Books, movies, songs, poems — all of these are essentially stories. And we can help you tap into this powerful force by telling a story about your company through video. This will show your prospects who you are and what you do, through a story that develops a powerful, emotional bond by relating to your future customers, identifying their pain points and then showing how you can help solve them.

 It’s classic storytelling – you introduce characters (your prospects), present a villain (their problems) then bring in a hero (your company) to save them. And we’ll use our kit of cinematic tools and magic to make sure your story is strong, compelling, and most importantly — it persuades the viewer to buy from you.

We guide you through the whole process, from initial ideas through to actual filming and then we help you on the best way to present your message to the watching world.

Muon Video Is Leading The Way

Clutch Recognizes Muon Video As a Leading Video Production Agency

At MUON, we specialize in corporate videos, event coverage, branded content, animation and commercials. We’re a video production firm headquartered in New York City that aims to provide quality video services that will satisfy our clients’ needs. Our services focus on broadcast video, social media marketing, and more. Our hard work and attention to detail has allowed us to perform exceptionally well as one of the very top video production companies on Clutch for New York City.

As a B2B ratings firm in Washington D.C., Clutch connects businesses with the service providers they need to attain their desired results. They find the best consultants and agencies out there in order to match businesses with the right services. Attaining a high rating on Clutch’s profile isn’t easy and we are extremely proud of this recognition.

In order to ensure accuracy in their research process, Clutch interviews former clients, and conducts extensive data analysis.

Based on Clutch’s Research – MUON Video Has Achieved a 5.0 Client Rating!

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Our desire to help clients succeed in the competitive corporate world of today and our ability to deliver exceptional video production services to our clients has also allowed us to be featured their sister site,

The Manifest, where we are highlighted as one of the best video production companies in NYC. We have also been identified on their Visual Objects page as a one of the top ad agencies. We are immensely thankful to our clients for their support and to Clutch for honoring us with these recognitions.

MUON VIDEO kept in constant communication with us, and made the collaboration effortless. They created a final product that satisfied every member of the marketing team.
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