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Video Services

The Muon Video production company provides full video production services in Miami and NYC including editing, live streaming, pre-production, content marketing, commercial filming, and animation. Click “read more” under each service description to learn more about our video production capabilities.

Branded Content

Commercial Videos

Our branded content services cover commercials, social media ads, fashion shoots, corporate films, animated explainers, training videos and interviews. See examples of these branded content services, such as commercials for various industries, on our Commercial Videos page.

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Live Coverage

Event Videography

Our live event services include streaming video, sports, concerts, product launches, event photography, theater shows, interviews, speeches and business seminars. View examples of event videography projects, from conferences to stage performances, on our Event Videography page.


The Narrative Matters

When you work with us, our team of accomplished video production professionals collaborates closely to create content that truly represents your company’s specific goals and brand identity. With decades of combined experience across various industries, our creative team is dedicated to producing videos tailored to your unique needs and vision..


Important Questions To Ask

By giving our team some basic details on your company, brand or organization and your event or goal, we can deliver an accurate video production project estimate within 24 hours when you select Muon Video. Simply inform us about your company, desired branding, organizational needs, event specifics or other video goals, and we will provide a tailored quote for your video needs within a day.

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