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When people choose Muon Video for their professional video production needs, they are getting a team of experienced video production specialists who are committed to turning their clients’ visions into reality and helping them grow their brands. Our team works laterally with each client to ensure that their project receives the personalised attention it deserves.

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MUON VIDEO has offered its video storytelling expertise to clients from as far as Tokyo (Deloitte Japan), and Gdynia, Poland (Archaeological Paths) and as close as HQ in Manhattan (Express Trade Capital.) Are you ready to get started on your video project?

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Read what our clients have to say about the personalised service and attention to detail they received when they chose Muon Video:

"Muon Video recorded footage at one of our events. There was no scripting or editing involved. I also asked them to record interviews with female entrepreneurs, and they had great communication and made the subjects feel comfortable with being recorded."

Ritsuko Okada
Deloitte Japan

"Muon Video quickly delivered a high-quality video that benefitted the organization. Their responsive team is readily available to address any issues. Their attention to detail is also noteworthy. Clients can expect a team that provides exceptional customer service."

Adriana Samluk
Archaeological Paths

"Muon Video was incredibly generous in filming our fashion event for children with cancer. The team was talented, responsive to direction, and able to creatively follow their own vision. They were a pleasure to work with, and I'd hire them again without hesitation."

Rachel Goldman
Runway Heroes

"Brett, and the team paid careful attention to our needs, and created a beautiful video. We couldn't be happier with the results and we're immensely grateful to Muon Video for helping us build our brand, and clearly demonstrate the purpose and value of what we offer."

Sadie Kelijkian
Express Trade Capital

"The Muon Video team delivered exactly what was promised, and so much more! It was a very positive experience for everyone involved. I would highly recommend Muon Video for any of your video production needs."

Adrienne Cea
Health Advocates

"The Muon Video team was very attentive in listening to all the details of the video that I was seeking to capture. They offered their creative and marketing expertise to help me come up with a skeleton of exactly what we would be shooting."

Rina Gorvokaj

"We really appreciate working with Muon Video. Our wishes were accepted. As well, their own vision was a big contribution."

Alexander Hollander

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