Importance Of Drone Videography In Real Estate And Yachts

Drones are good for real estate. From Miami to Dubai, the US to China, and London to Los Angeles, drone videography is changing the way people see their homes from a new perspective. It removes the walls of their properties and allows them to experience something that they haven’t before. It’s something new, something different, and people are loving it!

If you’re looking for an experience that’ll knock your customer’s socks off, why not consider drone videography for real estate?

How Does It Work?

Drones are automatically controlled. They can be flown manually if the operator chooses to but many prefer to just sit back and watch. The drone is controlled by a GPS so that it knows exactly where to go and how high to fly. It typically weighs under 7 pounds and can fly for up to 30 minutes, which is plenty for a home shoot.

What Can It Do?

A drone lets the videographer see things that they’ve never seen before. You can get aerial shots of your property and the surrounding area. You might want to film lakes, rivers, parks, or other nearby landmarks.

Where Can You Use Drones?

A drone is ideal for real estate videos because it allows the videographer to capture the beauty of a property from a completely different perspective. You might be able to capture a building or view from above that you couldn’t get before. You might also be able to cover more ground, capturing more area and showing off your entire property.

What Can You Do With The Footage?

When you have cool drone footage it can be used in many different ways. The footage can be edited into your final cut and you can use it during your real estate promo videos. You might even be able to show some of the footage on your website or in a brochure. The possibilities are endless!

The best thing to do is give your clients an experience that they’ve never had before.

What Is The Importance Of Drones For Yacht Videography?

Drone videography is becoming more popular by the minute. Miami has recently seen a surge in drone videography companies and this has to do with good old rich people. The reason that the use of drones is so important when it comes to yacht videos is that they can film things from a different angle. Thanks to how drones fly, they can get amazing shots from high above the yacht. Aerial photos stand out as much as anything else and make the video that much more interesting.

One thing that the drone videography companies are doing is showing the clients some of the property from a unique perspective. It’s not about showing just one side, it’s about showing both sides and seeing things from above and below.

Bottom Line

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