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June 12, 2021

Muon and New York: A Partnership Made In Heaven

Here at Muon Video, we are a creative, fast and focused video production company. Our video services offers full production services ranging from commercials, to social media promos, live seminars and more. With headquarters in New York, we can’t think of any better place for us to showcase our dynamic storytelling skills.

If you ask someone from New York why they love it so much, they’ll probably be able to list over 100 reasons off the top of their head. Here at Muon Video, we can honestly say the same. One of the best things about this city is its diversity. It’s no secret that NYC is often referred to as America’s melting pot. Did you know that about 36 percent of New York’s residents are come from other countries? At any given time, you can hear as may as 800 languages spoken. That is pretty amazing and makes it a great place to create video content. Video is diverse, exciting and ever- changing and in New York, we’re right at the centre of it.

In addition to this, the energy in New York is like no other. We’ve been to a lot of places in the world and we can confidently say no other city on the planet can match the energy New York brings. There is never a boring day here; the fast pace hustle and bustle makes for such a creative environment as inspiration is everywhere you look. It may sound cheesy, but this location truly inspires everything we do! It is one of the most vibrant places in America and the world.

Another thing we love about New York are the different neighbourhoods. Each New York City neighbourhood has character and a very distinct personality. With places like Harlem, Astoria and Coney Island right on our doorstep, we have a wold of culture and something for everyone.

New York makes a perfect backdrop for on-location video production services. With vibrant backgrounds around every corner, there’s no better place to grow your brand and tell your unique story through video content. Our award-winning tam of experienced video production specialists have years of experience both in this wonderful city we call h one as well as pretty much every aspect of corporate video production and marketing you can think of.

To learn more about Muon Video, or to speak to an experienced video production specialist who can help you create a video marketing strategy for your brand, give us a call at: 646-586-2552 or book a consultation online now at:

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Muon Video

Muon Video is creative video services firm operating in Miami and New York, that provides exciting content for brands, and businesses.