March 7, 2021

7 Video Marketing Metrics You Should Know About

Video marketing is the future. And if you don’t involve it in your marketing strategy, you will be left behind.

An important aspect of video marketing is tracking video marketing metrics. But, what metrics are important and can help you increase sales, inform your customers, and build brand awareness? In this article, we will be answering this question.

Here are the top seven video marketing metrics you should know about:


These are among the easiest metrics to track and yet they are the most misleading. By tracking your views, you only know how many people clicked play on your video. Also, every platform has a different definition of view count. You need to educate yourself on these definitions.

Watch Time

This refers to the total amount of time a viewer has watched the video actively. It helps in getting a better understanding of how engaging your content actually is. Since it gives you a complete picture of video performance, it is among the most requested metrics.

Average view duration

We can use the average view duration for calculating the time an average user is spending watching your video content. Platforms like YouTube and Facebook calculate this for you. By knowing if your audience watches your 15 seconds or 30 seconds videos consistently, you can work on your video’s length.

Average percent completion

This metrics gives the average percentage of users that watched the video completely. For example, switching from 30 seconds video to 15 seconds video can increase your average percent completion.

Audience retention

Audience retention refers to the percentage of people who continued watching your video at a given time. More than often, it is shown in the form of a graph so that you know exactly when the video viewership dipped. This metric helps in determining what video elements are failing and causing the viewers to drop off.

Sound off vs. sound on

Videos on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook play videos automatically in user feeds, but they are often on mute. The goal of your video is to make it interesting enough for the viewers to unmute the video to listen to the sound. For platforms that play video without sound, you can add text captions or tutorials with screen directions.

Live views

If you have decided to live stream or host a live amount, the number of people who clicked on your live video while you were recording is counted as live views. After the event is over, you can check the audience retention and average view duration metrics to get a better understanding of how well your video captured the attention of the audience.

Whether you are starting your YouTube channel, live streaming your webinar, or making marketing videos, tracking these video marketing metrics can help you reach your goals.

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