May 4, 2020

Why Storytelling Is Important In Today’s Business World

In today’s world, consumers have shown that they want a more personalised experience when it comes to spending their money. They like to know the companies that they do business with, and the days of corporate leaders hiding from the public eye behind their brand could soon be over as a result.

With that being said, how can we show potential customers that we are real people and that our companies are personable and easy to engage with? This is where brand storytelling comes in.

Storytelling gives your small to medium or enterprise level business a personal side, one they don’t get to see very often in today’s business world. This means that you will seem more engaging and real, two factors most consumers look for in a business. But, to do this effectively, you want to strike the right balance between telling a story and presenting data.

To some business owners, creating and telling a story may seem unnecessary and time consuming. They might feel that the information about their business that has been added to their website is more than enough. Experts, however, disagree, citing that website data tells what a business does, but it doesn’t tell the customer who they are. This is the job of storytelling.

Let’s take a look at some reasons why storytelling is important in  today’s business:

Business Decisions Are Not Based Solely On Logic- we all know that many of our business decisions aren’t based on logic alone. In fact, emotion drives many of our decisions the same way it drives a customer’s purchase. Telling a story with your data can help you to create a shared human experience between your business and the potential customers.

Numbers Are Not Memourable- when you constantly feed your customers marketing or business statistics, chances are, they won’t remember them. However, a story is something they will remember for quite some time, possibly even forever.

Stories Engage Your Audience Beyond Facts- facts are great, and they are especially useful, unfortunately, facts don’t always set your business apart. When we read a company’s story, we begin to engage with that company and the part of our brain that we would use if we were actually experiencing what we’re reading, becomes activated. This makes it easier for us to remember stories, over hard facts.

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