June 6, 2020

The Benefits Of Social Media Product Videos

Regardless of the product being sold, product videos are highly effective at helping business owners achieve their marketing goals. Videos can be used for a wide range of different platforms, including social media. However, creating high quality product videos for a product such as home gym equipment, requires a lot of effort and time, but it’s worth it.

Here are benefits of using product videos when selling home gym equipment on social media:

Appeal To Mobile Users- most Internet users are using smartphones to access social media. It’s so convenient that people still keep a mobile device in hand while doing other tasks, such as watching TV. The attention span of social media users is noticeably short. A 90-second product video is ideal for Facebook and Instagram. For YouTube, marketers can use longer product video, up to 3 minutes to provide more detailed information.

Build Trust- it is easier for social media users to trust the credibility of a brand when they see product demonstration videos. They can directly see the features, durability, and visual appeal of a product. Product tutorial videos also serve effective marketing purposes because potential buyers can see how the product works. Tutorial videos can be longer because they need to deliver more comprehensive information. Tutorial and troubleshooting videos further enhance trust because they represent good after-sales services.

Easy To Share- social media content is meant to be highly shareable. With just a click, product videos can be shared to other users or social media platforms. Based on studies, people are more likely to share videos than photos or text. Sharing content in social media is akin to digital word-of-mouth and it’s remarkably effective in any digital marketing strategy.

Better ROI- although product videos are more expensive and time consuming to produce than pictures and images, they still promise great ROI. Customers are more likely to respond to product videos, generating leads and actual sales. Product videos are easy to understand and easy to share to other users. With their many positive characteristics, the excellent ROI of product videos in social media is undeniable.

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