June 12, 2021

Muon, here to tell your story

Here at Muon, we’re incredibly passionate about what we do. As an independently owned and operated video production company, telling stories is at the heart of what Muon Video do. We’re even proud to say we’ve won awards for our story-drive way of creating video content too!

Video is a great tool to put a face to a name, corporations come to us to create results and together we create client driven video content. Through the latest, state of the art video production equipment we allow audiences to see the genuine nature of your business and what you’re offering. Video is a powerful tool; if they have confidence in you this will likely increase their likelihood to work with you or buy from you. In addition to this, video is one of the top shared pieces of content on social media.

Video content has the capability to visually explain what you’re all about. We have helped corporations demonstrate things and concepts, showcase new products and services, as well as attracting new customers. Our talented team of video production experts serve our clients from across the globe and can provide in-studio, or on-location video production services. This includes live event coverage, corporate storytelling and just about anything else a growing business needs.

In 2021 in particular, we have seen an increase in livestreaming thanks to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. There is also an increase in short-form video as well with the continuous roll-out of new video features on social media platforms like Instagram Reels and TikTok. We’ve expect to see a continued demand for educational and training videos for employees too.

With experience working with big name clients like Stila Cosmetics and Deloitte / APT Women 2020, Muon Video can help with a range of video content needs from commercials, to social media promos, live seminars, special events, corporate interviews and more. Whether it’s branded content or live events, we are here to support you from conception and pre-production right the way through to post-production and delivery. We have experience working at events with no scripting or editing, as well as storyboarded shoots. Whatever works for you!

To learn more about Muon Video, or to speak to an experienced video production specialist who can help you create a video marketing strategy for your brand, give us a call at: 646-586-2552 or book a consultation online now at: projects@muonvideo.com.

Muon Video

Muon Video

Muon Video is creative video services firm operating in Miami and New York, that provides exciting content for brands, and businesses.